new on Patreon


In the last five days, I’ve put up a bunch of new stuff on my Patreon, including:

  • movie reviews of three Martin Scorsese classics (Raging Bull, GoodFellas, and Casino) and the 2010 Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart ($1/month and up)
  • nine cat pictures of Kaylee and Louie ($2/month and up)
  • TV reviews of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and its spinoff Ms. Fisher’s Modern Mysteries, and also of Chef! ($5/month and up)
  • an excerpt from my collaborative medical thriller ($7/month and up)
  • the vignettes “Making Deals,” featuring the Super City Cops, and “On a Cold Winter’s Night,” featuring Torin ban Wyvald and Osric from the Precinct series ($10/month and up)
  • first look at the latest chapter of my collaborative medical thriller ($20/month)

And there’s lots more to come this month, including several more vignettes and TV reviews (I’ve been watching a lot of TV). Please consider supporting me! If you like my fiction and/or my pop culture writings on places like, then you’ll love my Patreon content. So give it a whirl!

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