irons in the fire update


Not my normal time to do this, but what is normal anymore, anyhow?

To Hell and Regroup. This collaboration with David Sherman has been successfully crowdfunded (and then some), and will be out some time in the next month or two, I think. Final edits are done, we’re just waiting for feedback from a Marine who’s giving a final once-over to the military stuff. We should have a cover soon.

Collaborative thrillers. I’ve been doing thrillers in collaboration with Dr. Munish K. Batra, and they’ve been going well. The first one is done, and we’ll have a publication announcement about that very soon. The second one, I’m almost done with the first draft of — I’m in the middle of Chapter 20 of 22, and I should have it finished this week, at which point we shop it around. And Munish and I have more projects in the hopper.

Precinct series. Once I’m done with my second book with Munish, I finally get back to stuff I write on my own, and first up is “The Gorvangin Rampages,” one of two stories I’ve crowdfunded, and which you can still support if you want! In addition, Phoenix Precinct needs to be written at some point…..

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. After “Gorvangin,” I have to write the other story in that particular crowdfund, “Ragnarok and a Hard Place,” which is also going to be the title story of the second Cassie collection. At this point, I don’t have quite enough stories for a second collection, but I’m getting there….

The Adventures of Bram Gold. After “Gorvangin” and “Ragnarok” is to write the next Bram novel, which has a plot, but no title yet. But it will involve a golem. Also I’ve written and revised my short story that’s set in the same milieu for Bad Ass Moms, though Bram isn’t in “Materfamilias,” as it stars a different Courser named Yolanda Rodriguez (who will be appearing, along with her family, in the second Bram book).

Pangaea III: RedemptionGot the edits back from editor/guru Michael Jan Friedman on “Journalistic Integrity,” my contribution to the final book in this shared-world alternate history anthology series. We should have a cover soon, as well as a release date. I’m still doing the Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch twice a week for this site, and will be reviewing the new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery whenever they start back up again. And around the end of the year, I’ll be reviving the great superhero movie rewatch long enough to look at the superhero movies of 2020 (as well as one that I managed to miss the first time through). May write other things for them as well….

Patreon. I’ve finally started catching up on my obligations to my patrons, and thank you all for being patient. I’m caught up on movie reviews, I’m starting to catch up on TV reviews, and I’ve been getting there on the vignettes. Hoping to be back up to speed by the end of May.

Anthology project. I’m putting together an anthology with Wrenn that we’ll be announcing soon. This will be fun…..

Other stuff. The above should keep me busy for most of the rest of the year, to be honest. However, I’d love to either do more tie-in work or work on the mystery novel I want to write. Unfortunately, the former would require a tie-in editor actually approaching me about a project, and the latter will only be feasible if I can take three months to write a book with no expectation of immediate income, and I’m not quite there yet……


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