stuff of mine that’s coming in 2020

With the formal announcement of Animal, I figured I should list all the things I have that are being released in this ridiculous year of 2020….


To Hell and Regroup (written with David Sherman)

  • To be published this summer by eSpec Books
  • The third book in David’s “18th Race” trilogy of military SF novels
  • I edited the first two books (Issue in Doubt and In All Directions)
  • For various health reasons, David was unable to finish the book, so he asked me to complete it for him
  • This is a true collaboration, but it’s mostly David’s vision, with me completing his storyline
  • Successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter


Animal (written with Munish K. Batra, M.D.)

  • To be published this winter by WordFire Press
  • My first novel-length thriller, and my first serial killer novel
  • First novel by Dr. Batra, a renowned surgeon and humanitarian
  • About a serial killer who targets people who harm animals
  • Quite possibly the most depressing book to research, as every instance in the novel of violence committed against innocent animals is entirely based on real-life events

The Adventures of Bram Gold, Book 2 (title TBA)

  • To be published later this year or early next year by WordFire Press
  • The sequel to 2019’s A Furnace Sealed
  • Will see Bram going up against the golem that murdered his parents, which is what put him on the road to becoming a Courser (a supernatural hunter-for-hire) in the first place


Phoenix Precinct

  • To be published later this year or early next year by eSpec Books
  • The sixth novel in the “Precinct” series of fantasy police procedurals, the followup to 2019’s Mermaid Precinct
  • Will focus on tensions in the “New Barlin” section of Cliff’s End, and the refugees from Barlin that have come pouring into the city-state


Short stories

pangaea cover

“Journalistic Integrity” in Pangaea III: Redemption

  • To be published this summer by Crazy 8 Press
  • Edited by Michael Jan Friedman, the Pangaea anthologies are shared-world alternate-history stories about an Earth that only has one continent instead of seven
  • I was invited to the previous anthologies, but couldn’t fit it into my schedule, and I was very grateful to be asked to be in this final book in the trilogy
  • Besides me and editor Mike, the anthology features stories by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Ilsa J. Bick, Michael A. Burstein, Peter David, Kevin Dilmore & Dayton Ward, Mary Fan, Robert Greenberger, Dan Hernandez, Paul Kupperberg, Ron Marz, Aaron Rosenberg & Russ Colchamiro, Lawrence M. Schoen, Geoffrey Thorne, and Marie Vibbert


“Materfamilias” in Bad Ass Moms

  • To be published this summer by Crazy 8 Press
  • Edited by Mary Fan, this anthology features, as you might gather from the title, stories about moms who are badass
  • Set in the same milieu as the Adventures of Bram Gold, this story features Yolanda Rodriguez, who is also a Courser, but she involves her two teenage daughters in her work

“The Gorvangin Rampages”

  • To be released to Indie GoGo supporters once it’s finished
  • A “Precinct” story that takes place in the one-year gap between Gryphon Precinct and Mermaid Precinct, telling the story of the Gorvangin rampages that were mentioned in the latter novel
  • The story will take a deeper look at the guilds of Cliff’s End
  • You can still support the crowdfund and get your hands on the story!
  • Will eventually be reprinted in More Tales from Dragon Precinct

“Ragnarok and a Hard Place”


Graphic novels


Icarus and Jellnek (written with Gregory A. Wilson, art by Áthila Fabbio)

  • To be released very soon by Atthis Arts
  • Adapted to graphic novel form by me from a novel by Greg, with some gorgeous art by Brazilian artist Fabbio
  • A speculative fiction story about a lonely prospector and a being who literally falls from the sky and the travails and travels they go on a journey to overcome tyranny


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