Virtual Balticon was fun!

I did three program items as part of the 54th Balticon, which thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, was done entirely online over Zoom and Discord rather than at a hotel in Baltimore. This, if nothing else, was cheaper…..


On Friday, Michael A. Ventrella (Release the Virgins!) led a panel on writing for themed anthologies, something that everyone on the panel had experience in both as writers and as editors — it included Monica Louzon (Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction), Jean Marie Ward (Tales from the Vatican Vaults), John L. French (To Hell in a Fast Car), and me (Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War). We covered all the bases, discussing the difficulties and joys of putting together such anthologies, and the pitfalls that writers can fall into when writing for them.


On Saturday morning, Nick Martell, who has a new book out called The Kingdom of Liars, and I were scheduled for a reading. Nick read from the early bit of his nifty new novel, while I read an older one: 2003’s The Art of the Impossible, part of the Star Trek: The Lost Era series that covered the 70 years between the original series movies and the start of The Next Generation — in my case, detailing an eighteen-year cold war between the Cardassians and Klingons. We had about fourteen people, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves.


Finally on Sunday afternoon, agent Joshua Bilmes led a discussion about momentum for writers, which was a far-flung discussion on the writing process that also included me (Dragon Precinct), D.H. Aire (Highmage’s Plight), Scott Edelman (longtime writer and editor, including founding Science Fiction Age magazine), and L. Marie Wood (The Promise Keeper).

I believe Balticon will be making the program items available on the Tube of You at some point — will let you know when they do…..


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