a nice review of Captain’s Log: Jellico


Four years ago, Simon Moore, a.k.a. Blaxkleric, posted a review of my 2010 Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Jellico one-shot comic from IDW. I missed it then, but he was kind enough to tweet about it today, so now I’ve seen it. He really liked the comic, which I wrote and for which JK Woodward provided the superlative artwork. Check it out!

An excerpt:

Fortunately, some solace can at least be taken by this twenty-two page periodical’s narrative and its engaging account of Commander Leslie Wong’s early days aboard the U.S.S. Cairo “…serving under Captain Edward Jellico.” For not only does Keith R.A. DeCandido’s writing force the comic’s audience to equally shoulder the former Starfleet Academy Instructor’s difficulty in acclimatising to her superior’s overly-disciplined regime, but it also has them seemingly sustain the excelsior-class ship’s “new first officer” in her trials and tribulations as she battles the enthusiastic breaches of protocol by Ensign Sim, as well as “six disruptor cannons and five torpedo launchers” belonging to “Gul Zarkat of the [so-called] Cardassian Science Vessel Harkon.

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