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Back in 2013, I put a chronology of the extant Dragon Precinct stories in the back of the short-story collection Tales from Dragon Precinct. Well, I’ve written a bunch more stuff since then, including many more short stories and a bunch of vignettes, with more novels and short stories and vignettes planned. So I’ve updated the chronology, and now I present it to you, in case you feel the urge to read all the Flingaria stories in chronological order. This post will be regularly updated with each new story and be linked from the pinned post at the top of the blog.

“The Banishment of Helsek Gam.” The Sorfar, four dragons ridden by dragonriders, fight against the evil wizard Helsek Gam, who is trying to invade the Redoubt at the End of the Cliffs. The Sorfar succeed in banishing the wizard using runestones and a powerful spell, though one dragon and two riders are lost. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“The Fall of Iaron” (all but the penultimate scene). General Vorgardro of Treemark defeats Baron Ametisz of Iaron in single combat, and Iaron falls to an outside force for the first time since the mountain-top city-state’s founding. Over the decades, the story of Vorgardro’s victory is retold many times. (Kickstarter story.)

“Collegium Days” (first flashback). Young Torin ban Wyvald takes Professor Mykal ban Dobsin’s philosophy course, and regularly interrupts with questions. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Remembrance” (flashbacks). Torin is given a book called Tales of Flingaria by his mother, which stokes the fires of his desire to explore the world beyond Myverin. Shortly thereafter, his mother dies of an infection. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Collegium Days” (second flashback). Torin decides to leave Myverin, and says his goodbyes to ban Dobsin. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Heroes Welcome” (flashbacks). Gan Brightblade and his friends follow a lead to Mitos the Mighty in an abandoned castle outside Treemark. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“On a Cold Winter’s Night.” During the elven wars, Corporal Torin ban Wyvald helps his fellow soldiers, including his commander General Osric, get through a brutal winter. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Used To Be” (first flashback). Pollithin invades Cliff’s End, and is repelled by the Fabulous Foursome: Paol the wizard, Jahn the bard, Gyorg the cleric of Rish, and Starki the barbarian. (Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles, edited by Michael A. Ventrella & Randee Dawn.)

“Used To Be” (second flashback). Gan Brightblade arrives at the castle in Velessa unannounced, horning in on the Fabulous Foursome’s meeting with King Marcus and Queen Marta. (Across the Universe.)

“Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty” (flashbacks). Gan Brightblade and his comrades avenge the destruction of Shael’s Haven by Mitos the Mighty in their final confrontation with the evil wizard. (Kickstarter story, reprinted in the eSpec Books edition of Dragon Precinct.)

“Used To Be” (third flashback). Paol informs the rest of the Fabulous Foursome that Mitos was not killed by Gan Brightblade and his friends as everyone believes. (Across the Universe.)

“Gan Brightblade and the Swamp of Kormak.” Gan Brightblade and Bogg the Barbarian must rescue their fellows, trapped in a castle. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Mermaid Precinct.)

“When the Magick Goes Away.” Torin and Danthres’s first case together, solving the murder of three wizards. (Kickstarter story, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct and the eSpec Books edition of Unicorn Precinct.)

“Baker’s Dozen.” Danthres and Torin’s second case, investigating break-ins in bakeries all across Cliff’s End. (Kickstarter story, reprinted in the eSpec Books edition of Goblin Precinct.)

“Silly Season.” Torin’s first winter on the job leads to him discovering how many different new year’s celebrations there are in Cliff’s End. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Sisters Need Not Apply.” Morenn, a woman with a proclivity for magick, tries and fails to get the Brotherhood of Wizards to accept her. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Blood in the Water” (flashback). Hawk works with the vampire hunter Corvin to bring down a couple of vampires who have committed multiple murders. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Crime of Passion.” Torin and Danthres can’t find the hrancit demon that killed a woman and her children. (Hear Them Roar, edited by Patrick Thomas & C.J. Henderson, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“A Clean Getaway.” A closet in the Jaros house explodes with muck—a closet that wasn’t there previously—and Danthres and Torin must find out who put it there. (Pandora’s Closet, edited by Jean Rabe, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“An Unexpected Trip to Sandy Brook Way.” Danthres questions Suzett about a case. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Mermaid Precinct.)

“Catch and Release.” One of Iaian’s old cases comes back to haunt him. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Existential Crisis.” A barbarian is shocked to learn that the person he killed wasn’t trying to kill him. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Getting the Chair.” A wizard who animates furniture is murdered, and his sofa, chair, and lantern are the only witnesses—Torin and Danthres must figure out which one is lying. (Murder by Magic, edited by Rosemary Edghill, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Chaos Theory.” Blonde-haired women are being killed in the same manner—but by a different person each time, and each perpetrator has no memory of committing the crime. (The eSpec Books edition of Gryphon Precinct.)

Dragon Precinct. Danthres and Torin investigate the murder of Gan Brightblade and three of his comrades.

“Fire in the Hole.” The dragon who appears every midsummer breaks the routine and incinerates a house and several people, and Torin and Danthres must find out why. (Dragon’s Lure, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jennifer Ross, & Jeffrey Lyman, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Heroes Welcome” (present-day portions). The survivors of Gan Brightblade’s gang of heroes, Genero, Bogg, and Ubàrlig, must figure out what to do in the wake of the murders of their friends. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“House Arrest.” Torin interrogates a house faerie about the death of one of the residents. (Bad-Ass Faeries, edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman & Jeffrey Lyman, reprinted in Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Collegium Days” (third flashback). Wyvald ban Garin departs Myverin, intending to bring his son Torin home. Professor ban Dobsin advises him against it. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

Unicorn Precinct. Arra Cynnis is killed on the eve of her wedding by an illicit lover who can’t be identified via peel-back, and Danthres and Torin must find the killer while navigating the upper-class minefield.

“Blood in the Water” (present-day portions). There’s a vampire in Cliff’s End, and Dru and Hawk must find Corvin the vampire hunter to help stop it. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

“Brotherly Love.” Danthres interviews a man about the murder of his sister. (Tales from Dragon Precinct.)

Goblin Precinct. A designer drug is sweeping through Cliff’s End, and Torin and Danthres must find out who designed it.

Gryphon Precinct. The death of Lord Albin means sweeping changes for the Cliff’s End Castle Guard.

“Don’t Ask the Question if You Don’t Want the Answer.” Dru, Aleta, Manfred, and Kellan play a practical joke on Horran. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Mermaid Precinct.)

“Partners in Crime.” Danthres must work with Aleta on a case involving the murder of an elf by one of Aleta’s fellow ex-Shranlaseth. (Without a License: The Fantastic Worlds of Keith R.A. DeCandido.)

“Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty” (present-day portions). Medinn the Bard keeps trying to tell the story of how Mitos the Mighty was defeated, but he keeps learning how much of his story is wrong. (Kickstarter story, reprinted in the eSpec Books edition of Dragon Precinct.)

“The Midwinter of Our Discontent.” Danthres and Torin must figure out which of the five people locked in a room with a priest killed him—his fellow acolytes, or one of the three virgin sacrifices. (Release the Virgins!, edited by Michael A. Ventrella.)

“The Gorvangin Rampages.” When the head of the blacksmith’s guild is found dead right after he proposed uniting the guilds, the remaining guild heads start to riot, while Danthres and Torin try to investigate the death. (Indie GoGo story.)

“The Gorvangin Rampages Postscript.” The aftermath of the previous story. (Vignette for Patreon.)

“Remembrance” (present-day portions). On the anniversary of his mother’s death, Torin goes into the Forest of Nimvale to remember her. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“The Streak.” Manfred and Kellan are enjoying a strong run of closed cases. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Mermaid Precinct.)

Mermaid Precinct. The infamous Pirate Queen is found murdered and her crew request the assistance of Danthres and Torin in finding the killer.

“Maternal Day.” It’s the dwarven day of celebrating mothers, and the detective reminisce about their parents. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Used To Be” (present-day portions). Jahn of the Fabulous Foursome, is arrested, and his former fellows visit him in the Mermaid Precinct prison. (Across the Universe.)

“The Fall of Iaron” (penultimate scene). Medinn the Bard learns new information about the fall of Iaron that goes against many of the details of the story that he’d told over the years. (Kickstarter story.)

“Collegium Days” (present-day portions). Torin is reunited with Professor ban Dobsin, who is travelling through Cliff’s End on his way to Treemark for a symposium. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

“Weekly Meeting.” Lord Doval meets with Captain Dru over breakfast. (Vignette for Patreon, reprinted in Phoenix Precinct.)

Phoenix Precinct. Violence against Barlin refugees to Cliff’s End escalates to the point of murder, but when Torin and Danthres investigate the murder it leads to corruption in the Castle Guard–and in the castle itself.

“Aunt Freia.” Manfred and Kellan have to deal with a standoff between Manfred’s aunt and the manager of the Corner Eatery. (Vignette for Patreon.)

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