Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Resolutions”


Janeway and Chakotay are stuck on a planet together, and it takes them six weeks to start having sex (off-camera, of course). Meanwhile, Tuvok takes command and is pretty damned awesome at it. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch makes some “Resolutions.”

An excerpt:

I haven’t even gotten to my personal favorite part of the episode, which is Tuvok being incredibly brilliant as captain. True, it takes him a bit of time to come around to the notion of approaching the Vidiians, but he does come around. He remains true to his Vulcan heritage, and unlike a previous case of a person of Vulcan heritage sticking to his logic guns while surrounded by emotional assholes, Tuvok does see both sides of the equation.

And his response to the Vidiian ambush is perfect. He’d been doing battle drills because the Vidiians betraying them was eminently predictable, and he adjusts his plan on the fly when the EMH informs him that Pel still is trying to help them. Throughout, he keeps his cool, implements his battle plan meticulously (“Here is the sequence of events”), and wins the day, getting the antidote in the bargain.

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