new on Patreon


Here’s what’s gone up on my Patreon in the last month or so:

  • review of the movie What We Do in the Shadows ($1/month and up)
  • twenty-three cat pictures ($2/month and up)
  • reviews of Broadchurch, Jack Ryan, and Bosch season six ($5/month and up)
  • excerpts from Pigman, “The Gorvangin Rampages,” and To Hell and Regroup ($7/month and up)
  • vignettes featuring Cassie Zukav and Bram Gold ($10/month and up)
  • first look at Chapters 20 and 21 of Pigman ($20/month)

Upcoming plans include a bunch more TV reviews, a couple more vignettes (I’m almost caught up!), at least two movie reviews, and of course the usual endless supply of cat pictures and the weekly excerpts.

And that’s just the last four weeks. You should definitely consider signing up for all (or at least some) of this cool stuff……….

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