a nice review of Dragon Precinct


It’s amusing to look through the archives of JL Gribble’s blog, because her earliest reviews of my work (of my Supernatural novels) were written before she knew who I was or knew me personally. I moved from “guy I never heard of” to “one of my favorite tie-in writers” to “good friend” after we met and became buddies.

She has continued to review my work, though, the latest being a review of Dragon Precinct, with disclaimers that we’re friends now, but she also has been fair. And I can’t complain about any review that starts with this line:

Once again, DeCandido has blown me away with his knowledge of genre tropes and how to bend them to his will to create a fantastic story.

2 thoughts on “a nice review of Dragon Precinct

  1. Minor addendum there: I’ve definitely known who you were since 2003, since I devoured all the DS9 post-series books. And then you wrote the novel version of SERENITY! I attended your reading at Balticon in 2004 (my first Balticon!) where you joked that you couldn’t read from it since the film wasn’t out yet and everyone groaned. Then I got you to sign the DS9 books that same weekend.

    Soooo I’ve low-key stalked you for over 15 years because I thought you were a cool guy. Just didn’t really get into reading your books until the past 2 years. Sorry? Haha.

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