I never could get the hang of Thursdays…


I have been Domestic Boy today….

Woke up early, as I have been pretty much every day since the lockdown started a thousand years ago — or mid-March, whatever. This started as a stress thing, but the cats have grown accustomed to it, and now we’re doing the thing I swore we’d never do, which is get the cats used to food at a particular time. Sigh.

After midnight last night, I set up an Instacart order at our local supermarket to be picked up at noon today. However, it was ready at 9.30am (and I spent the hour or so before that approving or not approving changes to the order), so I went and got that.

And then I attacked the living room.

We hadn’t vacuumed in, um, a while, and it showed.IMAG4568

I emptied the vacuum’s receptacle before I started, so that’s everything that was on the living room floor. Sigh. I mean, seriously, we could make a third cat out of that…..

We recently got a cubby-hole-style bookcase thingie for the corner of the living room (which is, truly, a combo living room and dining room), and it’s improved our storage capacity significantly. We’re so much happier with the room right now. (It’s still not 100% organized yet, but when it is, I’ll provide a picture.)

Now I have to do dishes. And clean the stove top. It never ends…..

At some point, I have to do some writing, probably. There’s a short story to write, three novels to plot, another novel to do revisions on, plus the usual stuff for Tor dot com and Patreon.

How’s your week going?


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