Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: Second Season Overview


Kazon! Vidiians! Seska! Aron Eisenberg! Brad Dourif! Q! Will Riker! Michael McKean! Amelia Earhart! Traitors on the ship! The EMH falls in love! Harry Kim is a moron! And Janeway and Paris get turned into salamanders! The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch does the second season overview!

An excerpt:

But there were also far too many episodes that had a scope beyond the 42 minutes of the episode, but were unable to address that scope because the reset button had to be jumped on at the end. So we can’t have anyone staying behind in “The 37’s,” nor can any of the 37’s join the crew (even though the notion that Amelia Earhart would turn down a chance to fly through space is completely unconvincingly absurd). So there’s no long-term (or even short-term!) damage to the ship after it gets all “Twisted.” So Kes’s telepathy charge-up suddenly stops because Suspiria isn’t around anymore even though there’s no reason why it should be that way in “Cold Fire.” So there’s absolutely no impact on Paris and Janeway even though they were turned into salamanders, and they leave their offspring behind to probably die on an alien world in “Threshold.” So Q inexplicably doesn’t send Voyager home even though he can do it with a snap of his fingers in “Death Wish.” So Janeway has to make an awful choice in “Tuvix,” and we see zero of the fallout from that choice.

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