Tuesday’s dead


So today started with shopping: picking up an online order from Stew Leonard’s (their mascot is a cow — it’s a store connected to a farm, and they have superb dairy products — so they call it COW-side Pickup…), then shopping in Little Italy.

However, after I’d stopped at the ATM, I started driving to Stew Leonard’s by turning up a side street, and I heard the car hit, um, something. Not hard, but a mild thunk. Next thing I know, the car is listing to the left a bit and the front driver’s side tire is rumbling.

It’s a flat.

Now, we’ve gotten lots of flats, and we’ve gotten very good at changing them. Of course, I was alone, so I had to do it all myself, but I did it in fifteen minutes flat, and only fucked up one thing — I put the jack in the wrong spot initially — and I even remembered to loosen the lugnuts before I jacked up the car this time! (Sigh.)

Anyhow, then I went to the mechanic to make sure our spare had enough air in it (it didn’t) and to have them repair the flat. (Later I went back, and it wasn’t reparable, so we’re without a spare until tomorrow when they’ll sell us the new tire they ordered in.)

Then I went home to change clothes (I was covered in tire shmutz) and then went to Stew Leonard’s, then we went to Little Italy, and then I took a very long nap. Sheesh.

Tonight I recorded a panel for Con-Tinual: The Con that Never Ends, a virtual convention that’s been running on Facebook since the pandemic started. It’ll go live in a couple weeks, and it’s me and several other folks from eSpec Books (co-publisher Danielle Ackley-McPhail and fellow scribes James Chambers, Megan Mackie, and Robert E. Waters) talking about our upcoming releases, and we all also read from our recent or upcoming work.

One thing I didn’t need to do is go vote. While today is Primary Day, our esteemed governor signed an executive order allowing anyone and everyone to qualify for an absentee ballot for this particular primary, so folks could vote by mail. Which is how civilized places should do it anyhow. (Honestly, every adult should automatically be registered to vote and should have dozens of options on how to vote. Voting should be easy, not hard.) So we mailed in our ballots last week. The only downside is that we didn’t get “I VOTED” stickers. Ah, well.

Because of automotive silliness, I didn’t get to make sauce today as planned, but will probably do so tomorrow. Meantime, I’ve got a story to proofread and plenty of other stuff to do……………………..

How was your day?


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