Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Flashback”


In 1996, both Deep Space Nine and Voyager celebrated Trek‘s 30th anniversary with special episodes, and today’s Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch looks at the latter: “Flashback,” in which Tuvok sees a nebula and has a panic attack, which results in him looking back at his time serving on the U.S.S. Excelsior under Captain Sulu. See what I say about this episode that guest stars original series actors George Takei as Sulu, Grace Lee Whitney as Rand, and Michael Ansara as Kang!

An excerpt:

It’s a noble effort, but it feels meaningless at best, annoying at worst—particularly Janeway’s insufferably self-righteous look back at Kirk and Sulu’s heyday. Once the initial nostalgia hit wears off, there’s nothing to it, the solution coming out of the EMH in sickbay discovering one bit of made-up science that can stop the other bit of made-up science, which drains all the tension out of it, exacerbated by the actual culprit being something utterly irrelevant to the characters.

But it is fun to see Sulu in the center seat again…

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