I’m doing two online events this weekend!


Like most conventions, Shore Leave is going virtual, starting this weekend, but also continuing with events throughout the next couple months. As part of Shore Leave 41.5’s kickoff this coming weekend, I’ll be doing a panel on The Mandalorian alongside Christopher D. Abbott, Mary Fan, Glenn Hauman, and Laura Ward Saturday at 1.30pm Eastern time. There’s lots of other nifty events, too, including panels on TV shows, movies, costuming, storytelling, and science, plus filk concerts, and a virtual masquerade — check the full schedule!

(These will be held over Zoom. Details to come at the link.)


Also this Saturday is “Day of Honor,” an event focusing on Klingons, put together by Modiphius (the publishers of the Star Trek Adventures RPG), Star Trek Online, Hero Collector, and Clear Skies. The different talks will include actors (Robert O’Reilly, J.G. Hertzler, and Mary Chieffo are among those who will be present), authors, production folks, and more. I’ll be part of the Modiphius talk at 3:15pm Eastern time, alongside fellow authors Derek Tyler Attico and Kelli Fitzpatrick; Chris Birch, Sam Webb, Jim Johnson, and Nathan Dowdell from Modiphius; and special guest Rick Sternbach.

(These will be held over the Queue Times Twitch channel.)

Hope to see folks on my laptop screen this weekend!


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