my review of Warrior Nun


On, I review the first season of Warrior Nun, the new Netflix series based on the 1990s comic book Warrior Nun Areala, created by Ben Dunn. It’s a very good show, but it falls short of greatness due to an overreliance on two very tired tropes.

An excerpt:

The absolute best episode of the season is the sixth one, which only features Mary and Ava (plus a brief appearance by Beatrice) among the main cast. It’s a brilliant two-person play, one that gives Mary an opportunity to show Ava what the OCS fights for, what being the Warrior Nun means, and also for them to banter and snark, which both Turner and Baptista do splendidly. It’s one of two episodes written by the great Amy Berg (Leverage, Eureka, Person of Interest, Da Vinci’s Demons), and she just kills it. On top of that, the episode mostly takes place in a small, very old town in Spain, and the scenery (which is superlative throughout—the show makes phenomenal use of Spanish locations) is magnificent, the town a charming delight that reminded me favorably of the trip my wife and I took to Italy in 2018 where we toured a bunch of towns in Tuscany very much like the town in this episode.

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