talkin’ Resident Evil movie novelizations with EvilHazard

The Brasilian gaming web site Evil Hazard has an interview with me about my three Resident Evil movie novelizations. The interview is in both Portugese and English. It was fun talking about these novels a decade and a half later, as they were all tremendous fun to work on — especially the third one, Extinction. Check it out!

An excerpt:

3. Of the three novelties, which was your favorite and why?

Extinction because I was given so much freedom. First off, I was asked to provide a subplot for the Jill Valentine character because, while she wasn’t in the movie itself, they wanted the character to be available for future films, so I was tasked with giving her her own little side plot. And I was also encouraged to bridge the gap between the end of Apocalypse and the beginning of Extinction. I’m excessively proud of the work I did on that novelization because I was able to do those two things, as well as flesh out Claire Redfield’s team.

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