my review of The Umbrella Academy

Over on Tor dot com, I review the second season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, and it’s even better than season one — more focused, more coherent, and with more for all seven main characters to do.

An excerpt:

The rock star of all of this remains Aidan Gallagher as Five. The assorted directors have to engage in some camera trickery—and Gallagher has to slouch a bit—to avoid making it obvious how much Gallagher has grown since they filmed the first season, and he’s not going to be a convincing preadolescent much longer. But once again, he’s the star of the show, the intellectual center of the show, the funniest character in a show full of (very dark) comedy, and also a very frightening assassin when called upon to be so. Gallagher remains utterly convincing as a fifty-eight-year-old man who happens to be in a young body. Simply one of the finest performances you’re likely to see.

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