double crowdfund now a QUADRUPLE crowdfund!!!!

The “Lucky Devils and Witchy Ways” Kickstarter from eSpec Books has gone from a double crowdfund (of The Devil’s Day by Megan Mackie, latest in her “Lucky Devil” series, and An Unceasing Hunger by Michelle D. Sonnier, the sequel to The Clockwork Witch) to a quadruple crowdfund, as we’ve reached two big stretch goals (and a bunch of others besides). So now eSpec will be doing Dragon, a new YA novel by Ty Drago, and, best of all from my admittedly self-centered perspective, Horns and Halos, an anthology of angel stories and demon stories edited by John L. French & Danielle Ackley-McPhail. So now’s a great time to pledge, as you’re guaranteed to get everything you want!

Horns and Halos will include a new Yolanda Rodriguez story by me (same character as my Bad Ass Moms story “Materfamilias,” and in the same universe as the Adventures of Bram Gold as seen in A Furnace Sealed and its forthcoming sequel), and also stories by each of the two editors, as well as Michael A. Black, James Chambers, Russ Colchamiro, John Hartness, Megan Mackie, Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Patrick Thomas, and Robert E. Waters.

In addition to four nifty new books, the first hundred backers will all get my Super City Cops novellas Avenging Amethyst and Undercover Blues, and the first two hundred will get Ty’s novelette “Undertakers: Night of the Monsters.” (We’re only at 88 backers so far, so these are still available.) Folks who pledge $5 or more also get the following goodies, thanks to hitting stretch goals:

  • John’s short stories “The Inner Light” and “Joy to the World”
  • James’s short story “Every Second of Every Day”
  • my short story “Sunday in the Park with Spot”
  • my Super City Cops novella Secret Identities

Plus there are lots of bonuses you can get! Danielle’s short story “The Devil in the Details,” the other books in Megan’s “Lucky Devil” series, Michelle’s The Clockwork Witch and her novel Death’s Embrace, some of Danielle’s hand-made horns, Robert’s novels The Mask of Mirada and The Thief of Craigsport, the 2010 anthology Dragon’s Lure (which includes a Dragon Precinct story by me, “Fire in the Hole,” as well as stories by Patrick, James, Danielle, Hildy, and Robert), the complete eSpec Books and/or Paper Phoenix Press backlists, a Zoom chat with Megan, and various Tuckerizations and other ways of having yourself in one of the books or stories.

And we haven’t hit all the stretch goals, either! As I type this, we’re only $71 short of adding a new vignette by Megan called “The Wedding Night,” starring Margaret and Elias from the novel Death and the Crone. Further stretch goals include adding Michelle to the Horns and Halos lineup, short stories by Ty, a collaborative short story by Patrick, John, and C.J. Henderson, and a limited-edition, custom pint glass.

So check it out! There’s great stuff!

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