Patreon sample: works in progress

I’m doing a push to get more support on my Patreon, specifically to get to 60 supporters, and to that end, I’m running a sample from each of the six support tiers I have.

If you support me at $7 per month, you get monthly movie reviews (sample here), regular cat pictures (samples here), between one and six TV reviews a month (sample here), and you also get weekly excerpts from my works in progress.

Here’s a few samples of the excerpts I’ve posted:

from “Unguarded” in the upcoming Horns and Halos anthology:

“How long’s this been going on?” Yolanda asked.

“Couple days.”

Yolanda sighed. “Tell you what, Kamilah, give it another couple days, just to be sure.”

“But—” Kamilah started, but Yolanda cut her off.

“Kamilah. We don’t know for sure that this is a curse. You find any hex bags or symbols in his locker or his bags?”

“Not—not yet.”

Torn between pride and concern over Kamilah’s use of the word “yet” there, Yolanda then asked, “And do we have a client?”

Kamilah looked down at her food. “No.”

“Right. This is a job, remember? Unless someone’s payin’ for a Courser, ain’t nothin’ we can do. All right?”

from “The Gorvangin Rampages,” a crowdfunded Dragon Precinct story:

“What brings you to my favorite eatery?”

“The death of Alessandro,” ban Wyvald said. 

“That’s the blacksmith, right? Don’t know him—what’s he got to do with me? My businesses don’t really have much use for blacksmithing.”

Tresyllione laughed. “Ha! You owe me a copper, Torin.”

Frowning, Jerri asked, “Excuse me?”

Reaching into a pouch on his belt, ban Wyvald pulled out a copper piece and handed it to his partner. “Danthres was convinced that you would deny knowing Alessandro. I gave you more credit for intelligence than that. After all, we wouldn’t have come to see you if we didn’t already know that Alessandro owed you a considerable amount of money.”

“And given that your ‘businesses’,” Tresyllione said, “include moneylending, that is a good reason to be involved with a blacksmith, or anyone else.”

“Especially one who is as fond of playing dice as Alessandro,” ban Wyvald added. “We searched his residence, you see, and we found a large number of playing dice, and also several receipts for the loans he took out from you.”

Jerri winced. “He kept receipts?”

from To Hell and Regroup, my collaboration with David Sherman:

“I think I’ve got me a plan of attack.”

“Good. Hurry it up over to the 121st. Courtney’s waiting for it.”

“Okay, but—”

Kawamura hesitated, and so Jiminez prompted him. “But what, Major?”

“It’s not a very good plan of attack.”

“Mind telling me what’s wrong with it, Marine?” Jiminez asked with a bit of menace.

“It needs about a hundred more Marines, Sir.” Kawamura was not intimidated by the colonel’s tone.

And Jiminez was grateful for that. He preferred his subordinates to be honest. “Well, unless you have a squadron in your hip pocket, you’re stuck with what we’ve got. We’ve been outnumbered before, and you know what? The Corps is still here.”

“Yes, Sir.” Kawamura did not say what he was thinking, which was that the Corps would still be “here” even if every Marine on Troy died—they’d just all be back on Earth and the other colonies. Wouldn’t do the dead ones much good.

But he knew better than to say that out loud.

from “Materfamilias” in the anthology Bad Ass Moms:

“I’m’a shower, we’ll eat, then Analia and I’ll head up to Inwood to check the place out. Kamilah, you hit the books, hit the net, see what can get people wet without nobody rememberin’ how or why.”

“I’m on it, mamí,” Kamilah said with a thumbs-up.

Just as she was about to enter the bedroom, she shot Kamilah a look. “Your homework’s done, right?”

That got Yolanda the look: Kamilah peered over her plastic-framed glasses at her. “Mamí, come on.”

Yolanda smiled. It was rare that Kamilah didn’t have all her homework done long before dinner. 

Continuing into the master bedroom, she saw that Magellan was curled up in the basket in the corner, smoke belching out from his nostrils as he slept. 

The green dragon had followed Yolanda home after a job once, and Kamilah and Analia had both insisted they keep him. A friendly, affectionate beast, Yolanda had named him Magellan after the green dragon in Eureeka’s Castle, one of Yolanda’s favorite kids’ shows from when she was a little girl.

Reaching into her purse, she grabbed the white paper bag from the bodega, pulled out the apple, and tossed it into the basket.

Magellan opened one eye, let out a puff of smoke, said, “Pfui,” and then fell back asleep, his tail wrapping around the apple.

“Saving it for later’s okay, too,” Yolanda said with a chuckle. 

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