Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Rise”

Tuvok, Neelx, and some Nezu have to repair and ride a space elevator in order to bring critical information to Voyager (which is busy trying to fend off an asteroid attack on the Nezu world), and much wackiness ensues. It would be a much better episode if it actually acknowledged what happened in “Tuvix.” Sigh. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch gets a “Rise.”

An excerpt:

Neelix’s neuroses also have not abated despite Janeway’s reassurances at the end of “Fair Trade” that he’s still a valued part of the crew. He exaggerates his experience to Tuvok in order to prove he’s valuable to the away team, and he wants Tuvok to like him and respect him, neither of which are coins Tuvok is likely to part with, well, ever. Their closing scene is a bit too much of a callback to “Journey to Babel” and McCoy’s glee over getting the last word, but Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips sell it beautifully. Phillips is always better when he’s not being over-the-top goofy, and it’s good to have the Neelix of “Jetrel” and “Fair Trade” who’s an actual complex character.

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