novelization readings!

Dragon Con has many many many tracks of programming. I participate in many when I go — writers, military SF media, horror, urban fantasy, Star Trek, SF & fantasy literature both, YA, the Brit track and so on — but I have to admit that my favorite has to be American Sci-Fi Classics, which is a magnificently goofy and delightful exercise in geeky nostalgia and silliness run by the hugely ridiculous Gary Mitchel and Joe Crowe.

Since the pandemic started, the Classics Track has been doing “quarantine panels,” as a preview for the upcoming virtual Dragon Con.

The latest is a perfect example of why the track is my favorite. It’s a panel called “Novelization Readings,” in which a bunch of us — including me, who’s written tons of novelizations — discuss these prose adaptations of our favorite movies and TV shows, and then do dramatic readings of favorite bits.

Besides me, Gary, and Joe, the panel includes Women at Warp‘s Sue Kisenwether, filmmaker John Hudgens, Fortress of Baileytude‘s Michael Bailey, author Alison Sky Richards, and convention organizer Darin Bush.

The absolute high point of the panel is Sue reading one of the more turgid passages from Gene Roddenberry’s hilariously overwritten novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (I, by the way, read from my novelization of Serenity.)

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