Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Real Life”

The EMH decides to re-create a 1950s sitcom on the holodeck and call it a family. Torres thinks that’s silly, and makes it a 1990s sitcom instead, which really isn’t any better. Plus there’s a wholly unmemorable technobabble subplot. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch sees no correlation between this episode and “Real Life.”

An excerpt:

And then apparently he totally forgets that he can change the program. In fact, Torres has already changed it. Why, when confronted with a wife who actually has a mind of her own (probably the worst aspect of the opening bit is how utterly mindless and bereft of personality Charlene is, and the kids aren’t much better), with a son who is rebelling by trying to be Klingon, and a daughter who can’t find anything, did he not just change the fucking program? Why were his only options after Belle’s accident to end the program or finish it? Why not tell the computer to rejigger the program so she doesn’t have the accident? For that matter, why was he wasting three hours operating on a hologram when he’s the only doctor on a ship that’s busy chasing subspace anomalies?

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