stuff I did at Dragon Con

So the virtual Dragon Con has come and gone, but don’t worry if you missed it — most of the programming has been archived on the Tube of You! Here’s a lot of the stuff I did.

“The End is Near: A Supernatural Fan Panel,” with me, Gail Z. Martin, Kristin Jackson, Carol Malcolm, Marx Pyle, and Damian Allen.

“American Sci-Fi Classics Pre-Show,” with me, Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Bethany Kesler, Sue Kisenwether, Jessa Phillips, Michael Falkner, Rosalyn Falkner, Darin Bush, Lola Strickland, Kevin Eldridge, Felicity Kusinitz, Michael Bailey, and Sherman Burris, where we all talk Dragon Con memories and other craziness.

“Abbey Road: The 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road and Let It Be,” with me, R. Alan Siler, J.C. De La Torre, Mike Faber, JM Tuffley, Rob Levy, and Widgett Walls.

“Gordon’s Alive!: Flash Gordon at 40,” with me, Joe Crowe, Debbie Viguie, Gary Mitchel, and Jonathan Williams.

“Superheroes After Batman ’89: Dick Tracy! The Shadow! The Rocketeer! The Flash!” with me, Debbie Viguie, Scott Viguie, Denise Lhamon, Shaun Rosado, Gary Mitchel, Joe Crowe, Michael Bailey, and Kevin Eldridge.

“The Pre-MCU Marvel Movies: Blade, X-Men, Fantastic Four,” with me, Joe Crowe, Gary Mitchel, Jessa Phillips, Michael Bailey, and Michael Falkner.

“Roll-a-Panel: 1985 Movies,” with me and a metric buttload of people. This was recorded the Thursday of Dragon Con and then held in reserve in case Dragon Con TV needed a hole to fill. They didn’t, and so it was finally presented on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track’s YouTube page as a bonus. As a further bonus, I’m wearing a shirt THAT I BOUGHT IN 1985, a Bruce Springsteen concert T-shirt from a show at Giants Stadium in August 1985. Amazingly, it still fits…..

“Roll-a-Panel: 1985 Movies, Part Deux,” with me and WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE TO LIST HERE. The American Sci-Fi Classics Track did have a hole in their schedule, so they did an impromptu second 1985 movies roll-a-panel.

“The Sherlock Holmes Archetype,” with me, Caro McCully, Jennifer Blackstream, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Bob Nygaard, and Rox of Spazhouse.

My reading, of bits of Alien: Isolation and To Hell and Regroup.

“Novelization Readings,” with me, Joe Crowe, James Palmer, Kevin Eldridge, Michael J. Williams, Chris Cummins, and Elizabeth Jones.

Doctor Who Potpourri,” with me, Caro McCully, Sue Kisenwhether, JM Tuffley, L. Jagi Lamplighter, and Michael Falkner.

“Music for Writers,” with me, Darin Kennedy, and Sue Phillips.


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