adding to the stuff I did at Dragon Con

There was one program item I did at virtual Dragon Con that was originally recorded and held in reserve in case something went wrong on Dragon Con TV. As it happened, nothing did, so the panel wasn’t shown during Dragon Con, but it is shown now on the American Sci-Fi Classics Track YouTube page.

I’ve added it to the stuff I did at Dragon Con entry, but here it is in this post also because it’s awesome: the Roll-a-Panel about movies from 1985!

This was recorded Thursday of Dragon Con and given to DCTV for backup. It wasn’t needed, but hilariously, the Classics Track itself had a snafu, so they did an impromptu Part 2 of the 1985 roll-a-panel during the con, which is also on their YouTube page.

The best thing about the above panel is that I’m wearing a T-shirt that I actually bought in 1985! Amazingly, the T-shirt I bought at the Bruce Springsteen concert I saw in Giants Stadium of August of that year still fits me……………..

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