Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Scorpion”

We reach the third season finale just in time for Voyager to reach Borg space — except it turns out there’s an even greater enemy that even has the Borg running scared. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch tells the parable of the “Scorpion.”

An excerpt:

Janeway’s motivations are confusing here. She wants to get everyone home, yes, but it’s only been on this level of obsession once before—in “The Swarm,” where all of a sudden, she was willing to violate a nation’s sovereign territory to shave fifteen months off the trip home. But aside from that, she’s had none of this urgency, and it’s kind of out of left field here.

Again, we’re talking about the Borg. These are the guys who introduced themselves to the Enterprise by killing eighteen people, who wiped out dozens of outposts along the Romulan border and the colony on Juret IVwho massacred the fleet at Wolf 359, and laid waste to the fleet at Earth just a few months prior to this (though Janeway is unaware of that last one). This is not who you make a deal with…

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