cover reveal: To Hell and Regroup by David Sherman & me!

Here it is, the cover to the final book in the “18th Race” trilogy of military science fiction novels: To Hell and Regroup by David Sherman & Keith R.A. DeCandido. This concludes the story begun in David’s novels Issue in Doubt and In All Directions. The book will be available from eSpec Books within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the back cover copy:


The strange bird-like aliens that humans have nicknamed “Dusters” have destroyed an Earth colony, the Semi-Autonomous World Troy. The North American Union sent a massive force of troops from the Marines, Army, and Navy in response.

In orbit, the remnants of the Navy must pull together and fight off the latest wave of Duster reinforcements to come through the wormhole and press their attack.

On the ground, Marines are locked in pitched combat with the Dusters, who continue to press their advantage, now with a weapon of devastating power, mounted on a large tank-like vehicle.

At headquarters, the Army Corps of Engineers must figure out how those tanks work and determine how to either stop them—or use them!

And back on Earth, the NAU President must decide humanity’s next course of action, even as scientists try to discover the Dusters’ secrets to help the soldiers, sailors, and Marines win—

—and time is running out!

“From the cold, detached environs of an orbiting battleship to the grit, sweat, and blood that defines life in a fighting hole on an alien world, Sherman and DeCandido pull out all the stops in this explosive concluding chapter of the 18th Race trilogy.”

—Dayton Ward, New York Times bestselling author of
The Last World War and Star Trek: Agents of Influence

Watch this space for ordering info……

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