Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s “Crisis Point”

Mariner has a cathartic holodeck adventure, Boimler tries to use the holodeck to suck up to the captain, and Rutherford gets to tell Billups just what he thinks of him. It’s wacky holodeck hijinks with tons of spoofs of Star Trek movies — my take on Lower Decks‘s “Crisis Point.”

An excerpt:

But getting there is tremendous fun. TNG’s introduction of the holodeck as a regular thing (after we got it as a one-off in the animated series episode “The Practical Joker”) kept things very staid and boring and harmless. Just as Quark’s holosuites on DS9 finally copped to one of the most likely uses of the holodeck technology would be lots and lots of sex, “Crisis Point” also gives us the use of cathartic, consequence-free violence as a therapeutic tool. (We kind of saw that in First Contact, but it wasn’t nearly as therapeutic as it could’ve been, plus it wasn’t consequence-free, either.)

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