Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “The Gift”

Goodbye Kes, hello Seven of Nine. The resident Ocampa becomes that old Trek standby, a being of pure energy, while the newly resident Borg is forced to accept her new fate. Plus Voyager gets closer to home! The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch receives “The Gift.”

An excerpt:

And then we have Seven of Nine’s outfit and hair.

I’ve said many times that Seven is the only character in television history whose character development was undermined by her costuming, and this episode proves it. She’s a Borg who is slowly coming to realize that she has to find her individuality. The blond hair and the skintight silver outfit and the big-heeled boots should have come at the end of a long journey, at least half the season, while she slowly divested herself of the Borg implants.

But that would deny the producers the opportunity to show Jeri Ryan, Person With Boobs as much as possible.

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