KRAD COVID reading #69: “Revelations”

In 1997, Star Trek: New Frontier by Peter David debuted from Simon & Schuster — it was the first set of Trek novels not based on a specific TV series, instead taking place on the U.S.S. Excalibur featuring a new crew (though many of the characters had appeared either as guest stars on The Next Generation or in previous novels). In 2003, Peter and I put together the anthology No Limits, where other writers got to chronicle tales of the NF crew. I wrote “Revelations,” which focused on Soleta’s first assignment on the U.S.S. Aldrin as an ensign where she is shocked to learn the truth about her parentage.

As a bonus, this is the “director’s cut.” The original story had a framing sequence featuring Worf, Soleta, Calhoun, Kebron, and McHenry on the Excalibur before flashing back to the Soleta’s first mission. It was cut for space, but it’s restored on this reading! It starts with Worf and Calhoun on the holodeck in Worf’s calisthenics program — but Calhoun is wielding Worf’s bat’leth and Worf has Calhoun’s sword.

Check it out! And please subscribe to the channel!

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