Star Trek: Discovery‘s “That Hope is You”

Most of the third season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery is pretty standard science fiction stuff, but the last two scenes are pure Trek and it’s glorious. My review of “That Hope is You.”

An excerpt:

The final two scenes are what makes the episode. Mind you, the episode prior to that is fine, but it’s a little too much of a generic sci-fi adventure that wouldn’t be out of place on any genre production, whether it’s Stargate SG-1, Defiance, Firefly, The Expanse, Star Wars, or, yes, Andromeda. We’ve got Book and Burnham having their meet-nasty with them beating each other up and then going to the mercantile terminus (a trading outpost of a type we’ve seen a gajillion times before), Book’s sudden-but-inevitable betrayal, Burnham being drugged, and the two of them fighting their way out thanks to mad weapons skillz, personal transporters (which the bad guys have also, so there’s a lot of disappearing and reappearing), and a final triumph that involves Burnham being inside a worm’s mouth for several minutes before being spit out.

1 thought on “Star Trek: Discovery‘s “That Hope is You”

  1. great point about Andromeda, I enjoyed that show before life got in the way and I missed the last season, which I hear was a departure from the previous ones.

    This first episode of season three of Disco really did feel like they’re changing things up, both stylistically and story wise. I don’t think I saw even a singe Dutch angle the entire episode, unlike the second season which felt like it was powered by twisting the camera in a different direction for every shot change.

    I also note that the dialogue actually makes sense this time around, I did a re-watch of season two last week and it was obvious that they cut some dialogue in many of the scenes and it only just barely made sense in the finished product.

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