KRAD COVID reading #75a: “Horn and Ivory” Part 1

In 2001, Simon & Schuster did the seven-book Star Trek: Gateways crossover, which included the four extant TV shows (the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager), plus two of the prose-only series, Challenger and New Frontier. Each of the first six books ended with the captain character (Kirk, Picard, Kira, Janeway, Keller, and Calhoun) stepping through a gateway, not knowing what lay beyond.

Book 7 of the series was called What Lay Beyond, and had six novellas showing what those captains went through. In my case, “Horn and Ivory” followed Kira Nerys on an odyssey through Bajor’s past. In this first part she helps liberate the Perikian peninsula from the oppression of the Lerrit.

Check it out! And please subscribe to the channel!

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