Star Trek: Discovery‘s “People of Earth”

Burnham and the crew of U.S.S. Discovery are reunited, and it feels so good! (Sorry….) Lots of reintroductions, reunions, and revelations as they road-trip to Earth to find a not-great welcome. Blu del Barrio debuts the role of Adira, and we get superlative guest turns by the excellent Phumzile Sitole and the great Christopher Heyerdahl. My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “People of Earth.”

An excerpt:

It’s always great to see Christopher Heyerdahl, who has been amazing in pretty much everything he’s been in, from Todd the Wraith on Stargate Atlantis to the Swede on Hell on Wheels to his dual roles of Bigfoot and John Druitt on Sanctuary, as the Wen captain. He brings an exhausted frustration to the role. Huge props to Phumzile Sitole as N’Doye, who modulates nicely from a hardass defending her territory to an ally once she realizes who the Wen are.  Stiole’s “I’m willing to discuss terms” is loaded with regret and sadness, and Heyerdahl’s “As am I” is equally loaded with surprise and relief. And what’s best is that our heroes live up to Starfleet ideals. N’Doye urges Saru not to answer the Wen’s hails, but Saru insists on talking—and indeed, it’s talking that ends the conflict and enables Earth and Titan to, in essence, be reunited.

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