Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Year of Hell, Part II”

Chakotay wants to be noble. Paris wants to mutiny. Annorax wants to save his wife. The EMH wants to relieve Janeway of duty. Tuvok wants to see again. Torres wants to fix the nacelles. And Janeway wants to win an unwinnable war. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch goes through the “Year of Hell, Part II.”

An excerpt:

Parts of this second installment are brilliant, and most of those parts are on Annorax’s ship. Kurtwood Smith is even more spectacular here than he was in Part 1 because his psychopathy is given an explanation that almost makes him sympathetic: he’s trying to rescue his family from oblivion. The pyramid with the lock of hair that he was staring at last time is all he’s got left of his wife, and everything he has done, all the appalling acts of mass murder he’s committed, have all been in the service of correcting that one arrogant mistake he made, thinking he could save his people from the Rilnar, and instead condemning his wife to oblivion.

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