my Sunday feeling

Last night, Debra Doyle died rather unexpectedly, apparently from a heart attack. She and her husband James Macdonald were writing partners, editors, teachers, and commenters on life, the universe, and everything. They also were a major part of both the Science Fiction Roundtable on GEnie and were part of the founding staff of for its entire existence. I can’t imagine what Jim and their kids must be going through right now, and my heart goes out to them all. Deb and Jim were fixtures at northeast conventions for many years, and we spent many long hours hanging out at them throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

In addition, Dave Galanter has publicly announced that he has cancer, and his doctor recently told him that his life expectancy is half a year or less. Dave is a fellow Trek author, the founder of (which was a valuable and nifty geeky space in the first decade of the millennium), and a dear friend and wonderful human being.

It’s not all bad news, though — a very dear friend of mine and Wrenn’s got married today to her fiancee. They’ll do the big party some time next year, but at least they were able to get married. I’m incredibly happy for both of them.

What pisses me off most, of course, is that even if there is a funeral for Deb, I won’t be able to go to it, I will probably never see Dave in person again, and I couldn’t celebrate with the happy couple yesterday like we were planning.

2020 continues to defecate in our trousers daily.

Take care of each other. Tell the people you love that you love them. And for the love of fuck, vote if you haven’t already.

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