Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Concerning Flight”

Leonardo da Vinci gets to run amuck on an alien world thanks to tech-stealing pirates. The conversations between Janeway and Leonardo are fun, but the episode itself disappoints. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch looks at “Concerning Flight.”

An excerpt:

But the rest of the story doesn’t entirely gel. Everyone’s treating the wholesale theft of a ton of their equipment as a minor inconvenience rather than the major violation is truly is, and Chakotay just blithely letting the merchant wander off with a stolen phaser rifle is contrary to the ship that’s supposed to be upholding Starfleet ideals. For that matter, no effort is made to retrieve anything beyond the computer processor and the mobile emitter, which is—not good?

Also the parts of the episode that don’t involve Janeway, Leonardo, and Tuvok don’t really do much. For starters, Tau is a terrible villain. No charisma, no menace, no personality, and worst of all, no effectiveness. Anybody who lets a hologram get the drop on him with a blunt object to the head is not going to impress as a villain, and their inability to capture Janeway and Leonardo at the end is comical. It’s at odds with his ability to so thoroughly own Voyager at the top of the episode.

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