Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Die Trying”

Revelations, confusions, accusations, questions, holograms, viruses, away missions, and all kinds of other stuff as U.S.S. Discovery finds Starfleet at last and learns that it’s being run by Ardeth Bey. Yes, Oded Fehr guest stars on Star Trek, and so does David Cronenberg! My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Die Trying.”

An excerpt:

Vance and his people do look on Saru and the gang with some suspicion, which is at least partly justified by something that has happened in the intervening years to outlaw time travel. (Discovery has jumped several centuries past the time period when the Federation had timeships going around messing with time travel, as seen in Voyager’s “Future’s End” and “Relativity.”) It doesn’t help that many of the records of Discovery’s missions were erased for security concerns at the end of last season. I have to admit, I found that disappointing, partly because it created more reason for Vance to distrust the crew, partly because I think it would have been far more interesting if Vance knew all about it because the whole thing was declassified some time in the 27th century or something.

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