ask away, ask away, ask away onward…..

Fuck it, I’m in a mood.

ASK ME ANYTHING! I promise to give some manner of answer, just be aware that “None of your business” and “I don’t want to answer that” and “I can’t answer that” are all legitimate answers…….

3 thoughts on “ask away, ask away, ask away onward…..

  1. I’m about 3/4 done with a novel that you edited / helped out on, “The 18th Race” with David Sherman. I think this is his site? You advertised it a while back and I bought the omnibus.

    My QQ: how did you get involved in that situation and what exactly did you end up doing for the story? Have you done many of those types of partnerships before and if presented the opportunity to do them again, would you?

    • When ISSUE IN DOUBT was written, I was hired by Dark Quest Books to edit the book. David was happy with the work I did on it, and he asked that I come back to edit Book 2, IN ALL DIRECTIONS.

      When he was struggling to finish Book 3 for a variety of reasons, I was the only one he trusted to finish the book with him, because I’d edited the first two.

      As for what I did, I wrote about half to two-thirds of the prose, and worked with David on the final resolution of the storyline.

      No idea if I’d do it again, as all these things have to be judged on a case by case basis….

      • Dang, I finished it last night and boy howdy do I have questions. Suffice to say, there’s another book or two out there that could, in theory, be written about the dusters, their tech, and what their deal is. The omnibus had a really well done mini story between books 2 and 3 that also give me even more questions, lol!

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