Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Prey”

Voyager‘s issues with the Hirogen continue for the third straight episode, only this time the alpha Hirogen is played by Tony Todd! On top of that, their prey is a refugee from Species 8472, sticking Janeway and the gang between a rock and a hard place. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch goes after some “Prey.”

An excerpt:

This is another really powerful episode, continuing the superb introduction of the Hirogen as antagonists, with the added bonus of Tony Todd absolutely killing it as the alpha. In 2001, I wrote a Trek novel called Demons of Air and Darkness in which a Hirogen appeared, and I used Todd as the basis for the character, because he just nailed it.

The whole opening sequence is beautifully done, with Todd’s alpha strategizing and very obviously respecting 8472’s status as prey. And Todd’s superb performance continues throughout, as he never loses sight of his goal to capture 8472. Everything he does is in service of that, and I love how free of bluster the alpha is—he just wants to complete his hunt, nothing more, nothing less. I also like his matter-of-fact tactical analyses throughout.

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