Star Trek: Discovery‘s “The Sanctuary”

Book gets to go home for the first time in fifteen years, Georgiou gets a brain scan, Culber gets to be snarked at and snarky to Georgiou, Adira gets a new pronoun, Tilly gets to be acting XO, Detmer gets to fly Book’s ship, Ryn gets to see what Discovery is all about, the viewers get to meet Osyraa, and Saru gets a captainly catchphrase. My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “The Sanctuary.”

An excerpt:

Adira also takes the step of requesting that they be referred to with that pronoun rather than she, which Stamets (and later Culber) immediately take to. The timing of this episode airing the same week that Elliot Page came out as trans and requested he and they as pronouns is fortuitous, and according to interviews with Blu del Barrio, Adira’s progress matches their own journey to coming out. In universe, it’s not treated as much of a big deal. But this has been one of Star Trek’s hallmarks from the very beginning. The original series aired at the height of the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and civil rights unrest, so it was very important for the viewers of the time to see Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura on the bridge working peacefully alongside the white folks. Just as especially Asian and African-American viewers were inspired by the sight of Sulu and Uhura on the bridge and being accepted as peers, so too is it important for trans folks to see Adira’s pronoun request be accepted without question. 

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