a money-saving tip for cat owners

I just hauled 160 pounds of litter up a flight of stairs, and boy are my arms tired.

No, really, they’re tired!

The 40-pound bags I got only cost six bucks a bag, and that’s because of a wonderful (word used sarcastically) side effect of capitalism.

Okay, if you go to a pet store and see a 40-pound bag full of little pine wood pellets, and the bag is labelled with the words “CAT LITTER,” that bag will cost $15 or more.

If you go to Tractor Supply and see a 40-pound bag of the exact same stuff, but the bag is now labelled with the words, “HORSE BEDDING,” the bag is only $6.

It’s the same stuff. Yes, we had to drive 40 minutes north to the nearest Tractor Supply, as those stores don’t do much business in NYC, but it’s worth it to get 4-5 months of litter for only $24.

(As a bonus, TS sells cat food, so we stocked up on that, too….)

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