Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Terra Firma, Part 1”

Georgiou learns that the cure for what ails her is to walk through a magic door to the Mirror Universe in the 23rd century. Sure, why not? My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Terra Firma, Part 1.”

An excerpt:

Then comes the greatest revelation, and the one thing Georgiou didn’t know going in to get her do-over: why Burnham betrayed her. Georgiou loves Burnham like a daughter, a love that is sufficiently powerful that it bleeds over into the Burnham of the mainline universe. But then, after her coup is exposed and Burnham is kneeling before Georgiou waiting to be condemned, she reveals the truth. Yes, Georgiou rescued the orphaned Burnham from what Georgiou describes as “a trash heap.” But Burnham explains that that was no kind of favor: she was the at the top of that trash heap, and she preferred to reign in that particular hell than serve in Georgiou’s heaven.

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