Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “The Omega Directive”

Voyager finds an omega molecule, which triggers classified documents, dangerous missions, secretive orders, and the closest Seven of Nine is likely to come to a religious experience. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch triggers “The Omega Directive.”

An excerpt:

Also I have a serious jurisdictional issue here. The omega molecule is so dangerous that Starfleet captains have standing orders to invade a sovereign nation and confiscate their property. That’s how wars start. I can understand the directive having full force and effect in the Federation, and even possibly in the territory of people who are allied with the Federation. (Though I’d love to see them try this nonsense with the Klingons…) But there’s absolutely no way it could possibly work in space not controlled by the Federation, because it would require a full-on invasion of a military force into sovereign territory, and there’s nothing that really justifies that. Worse, the alien scientist specifically says to Seven that his people are in dire straits and they need the omega molecule as an energy source. Usually, in dramatic fiction, the powerful people who show up and steal your stuff without caring that you need it to save your people are the villains of the piece.

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