Paul Semel interviews me about Animal

Paul Semel did an interview with me about Animal, the upcoming WordFire Press thriller I wrote with Dr. Munish K. Batra. We also talked about some of my other work, too, including the Precinct series. Do check it out!

An excerpt:

Animal is not your first novel. Are there any writers, or specific stories, that had a bit influence on Animal but not on any of your previous writings?

Honestly, I wouldn’t say there were many works of fiction that influenced this work that didn’t influence my other work. In truth, the main thing that was different in the writing of this book as opposed to the other dozens of novels I’ve done is the animal cruelty aspect. I did a lot of really horrifying research for this book. Every instance of animal cruelty in the book is based on real-world events, more’s the pity. It was actually very sobering, and it was important to me to make this as real and as true to life (and death) as possible. I want people to read this and be as disgusted as I was researching it.

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