Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Su’Kal”

Discovery finally heads to the Verubin Nebula to investigate the origin of the Burn — and, as an added bonus, rescue the lone survivor of it! But things get way more complicated, both on the away mission with Saru, Burnham, and Culber, and back on the ship with Tilly in charge and having a rough time of it. My review of Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Su’Kal.”

An excerpt:

Su’Kal himself is a frighteningly effective character, magnificently played by Bill Irwin. One of the prototypical “oh, that guy” character actors who’s been in everything at some point or other (much like [Doug] Jones, in fact), Irwin beautifully portrays someone who has been alone with only holograms for company for far too long. His sanity is questionable, his development hasn’t really gotten beyond the pre-teen level despite his years, and he also does not face his fear, which is manifested as a sea monster out of Kelipien mythology. The monster itself is a nice scary bit of CGI, a clever combination of the Kelpiens mixed with the tattered drippiness of their enemies, the Ba’ul.

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