Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “One”

Voyager goes through a deadly nebula, and Seven and the EMH have to run the ship all by themselves while the rest of the crew is in stasis. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch enjoys this strong vehicle for Robert Picardo and Jeri Ryan, “One.”

An excerpt:

The meat of the episode is Seven’s struggle with loneliness. This is the problems she initially faced in “The Gift” right after being separated from the Collective writ large: she has to spend a month with only the EMH and the voices in her head to talk to. Seven has no emotional depth to deal with this, and Ryan plays her helplessness perfectly, as it’s a strong and determined helplessness, one that refuses to surrender even though she’s obviously scared shitless. Kudos also to Wade Williams and Ron Ostrow for creating scary boogeymen for her to deal with, and also to the rest of the cast for playing their hallucinatory selves as snotty versions of themselves. (Except for Robert Duncan McNeill, whose hallucinatory snotty Paris is exactly the same as the real one.)

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