Star Trek: Discovery Third Season Overview

I take a look back at the third and so far best season of Star Trek: Discovery, as the ship vaults into the future and the show moves forward in many an entertaining manner. My overview of Discovery season three is now live!

An excerpt:

Season one was a show written to be binged that was then released in two sets of weekly drips and drabs over five months, thus utterly spoiling the flow of the narrative. Season two started out as a show about one thing, and very obviously became a show about a different thing at the end, as the writing showed the seams of the behind-the-scenes turmoil.

Season three, though, provides a nice balance of standalone episodes with moving the plot along. It’s less serialized than the prior two, but still with a continuing narrative. For one thing, this gives Discovery individual standout episodes, which have been rare in the prior two seasons. “Su’Kal” and “Unification III” and “There is a Tide…” are all particularly strong.

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