talkin’ Animal on “My Favorite Bit”

I’m on Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit” today, talking about Animal, my new thriller written in collaboration with Dr. Munish K. Batra. Check it out!

An excerpt:

Some of my favorite fiction, whether on the page or on the screen, is that which thoroughly embraces its location, to the point where the place is as much a character in the story as the people. TV shows like The Wire with Baltimore, the various Law & Order series with New York, Republic of Doyle with Newfoundland, and Longmire with Wyoming; movies like The Taking of Pelham-123 with New York, The Dark Knight with the (fictional) Gotham City, L.A. Confidential with Los Angeles; and novels like the works of George Pelecanos with Washington, D.C., Carl Hiaasen with south Florida, and Laurie R. King with pretty much anywhere she cares to write about, as she is particularly expert at immersing you in a particular time and place.

One of the joys of writing Animal was getting to bring the reader to the crowded market streets of Shanghai, the rainstorm-wracked national park in Chad, the oppressive humidity of Miami, the wide-open spaces of South Africa, and the crowded cities of Beijing and Atlanta.

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