Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Extreme Risk”

Paris spearheads the construction of the Delta Flyer, the Malon want to steal a probe, and Torres is suffering some massive PTSD regarding the fall of the Maquis. Oh, and it still hasn’t occurred to anyone that the safety protocols on the holodeck should be hardwired and incapable of being turned off. Sigh. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch takes an “Extreme Risk.”

An excerpt:

And for all that the Paris-Torres relationship is strong and excellent, writer Kenneth Biller made exactly the right decision in having it be Chakotay who gets her out of it. Chakotay is the one member of the opening-credits crew who knows what she’s going through, because he went through it also. Chakotay is her mentor and the one who brought her to the Maquis, and it’s the destruction of the Maquis that’s doing this to her. Chakotay pretty much dragging her into the Maquis-slaughter holodeck program is the bucket of ice water in her face she needs.

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