talkin’ procedurals and Animal on Criminal Element

I have a guest post on the Criminal Element site talking about my love of procedurals and how that influenced the writing of Animal, the new thriller I have out. Check it out!

An excerpt:

One of the things I wanted to bring to Animal was a realistic procedural element. We have three detectives working the case, one an Interpol agent, An Chang, who has spent twenty years building a case against the serial killer—but whose identity he hasn’t been able to determine. This is not unusual for Interpol cases, as international law is so very complex that most Interpol agents spend years building their casework. And then we have Detective Michele Halls of the Monrovia Police Department. This is a suburban detective who is investigating a finger found inside some ground beef, and suddenly finds herself embroiled in a particularly grisly double murder. She’s way out of her depth, but she’s actually a good detective, and finds herself thriving in this case that is way beyond the pale of what one usually gets in the Los Angeles suburb. And then we have J.D. Skolnick of the San Diego Police Department’s Homicide squad, who has pretty much seen it all, and is a much more cynical and been-there-done-that cop.

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