Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Once Upon a Time”

Naomi Wildman gets a spotlight, as Neelix is tasked with distracting her while her mother is endangered on an away mission. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch meets Flotter and Trevis for the first time as we cover “Once Upon a Time.”

An excerpt:

Not to be outdone is Tim Russ, whose Vulcan dignity in the face of hopelessness comes across as comforting and helpful in a crisis. His speech to Wildman about what a good parent she is is one of the character’s best moments, of which there’s no shortage. Tuvok was my favorite character when I first started watching Voyager in 1995, and this rewatch has renewed that enthusiasm a hundredfold. (I also loved writing him in The Brave and the Bold Book 2, as well as his Mirror Universe counterpart in The Mirror-Scaled Serpent.) I like that his logic and emotional control is consistently seen as a benefit, rather than a problem to be solved, as it is far too often with Vulcan (or half-Vulcan) characters.

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